Allotment visit

Today we visited the Beech Road allotments. Ian showed us lots of different places to grow plants, such as the potting shed, the greenhouse, the poly tunnel and the cold tunnel. We put gloves on and dug around in manure and compost for worms and mini beasts. Some of us were very brave and held worms in our hands. We saw ways of keeping plants … Continue reading Allotment visit


We made some delicious pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. We helped to weigh and measure the ingredients and mix them up. We were very lucky because Mrs. Perret brought in her special pancake cooker so we could see the pancakes cooking. Some of us ate the pancakes with sugar, some with lemon, some with both and some with nothing! They were all yummy 😋 Continue reading Pancakes!

Maths Space day

We had a special visitor called Major Tom, who came to the school to talk about space. We had a whole school assembly and learnt lots of exciting things. We were challenged to find Britain’s next astronaut by completing maths activities throughout the day. R1 & R2 worked hard to find odd and even numbers before deciding to send our very own ‘Stacey the mathematician’ … Continue reading Maths Space day